We will disable your account once you graduate or transfer. While we maintain records, we recommend you backup your data before your last day as a WRDSB student. If you miss this deadline, please contact your school to have your account temporarily reactivated

If you are graduating or transferring to another school board, then you might want to transfer or backup your Google Drive, Mail, Photos, or other data connected to your WRDSB Google Account. While it is easy to make a backup, it is a little more difficult to simply transfer all your information from your WRDSB Google Account to a personal Google Account.


  • Download your Data using Google Takeout | Google Account Help
    • Depending on how much data you have, you might want to download the files to a USB storage device

Access Backup

Create a Personal Google Account

Google Mail

  • All your emails will be stored in your Backup, but you can’t upload those emails easily to Gmail. Using an desktop email program will allow you to open the MBOX file and see your old emails.
  • Forward important emails to your new email

Google Drive

Sharing files with a personal Google Drive will not backup your files!
  1. Log into your Personal Google Drive
  2. Select the “New” button
  3. Select “Upload Folder”
  4. Select the folder you downloaded from Google Takeout and select “Upload”
  5. Your files should automatically convert back to Google Sheets and Docs. If they don’t, check your settings (gear) if automatic conversion is checked off.

Your WRDSB Google account has unlimited storage. If you want to avoid paying for storage on a personal Google account, delete large video or photo files before you upload your data

Other Google Services

While Google Takeout is a great Backup tool, it doesn’t make it easy to actually use the backed up information for all Google Services. Before you leave, make sure you can access the information you need.