You have the ability to work on files when you are offline (no Wi-Fi). Watch the video for tips on how to save a file to a USB Drive so that you can access your files when not connected to Wi-Fi. You can scroll past the video for step-by-step instructions.

VideoSave A File to a USB Flash Drive

Save a File to a USB Flash Drive

  1. While connected to Wi-Fi, plug your USB Flash Drive into one of the USB slots on the Chromebook
  2. A notification will appear in the bottom right corner
  3. Click on Open Files App
  4. A new Window will open
  5. Click on Google Drive
  6. Click & place checkmarks beside the files you want to save
  7. Click & drag  your file to your USB Flash Drive
    • Or use ctrl+c and ctrl+v to copy & paste selected files to the USB Flash Drive
  8. You can access the files on your USB Flash Drive for offline use on your Chromebook. You will have to upload these files back to your Google Drive if changes have been made to them.