Here is a quick video on checking your charger. Below the video you will find step-by-step instructions.

Video | Check the charger


  1. Do not use the charger if the cable appears damaged or the brick feels hot! This is a hardware issue.
  2. Make sure the power cable from the wall is firmly plugged into the power brick.
  3. Make sure the LED light is on the power brick (some bricks do not have LED lights and some bricks have LEDs that do not turn on, but the brick still works)
  4. If you have a USB-C Charger, try using another USB-C phone charger in your household. Newer Android phones usually have USB-C Charger. Additional Information: USB-C | Wikipedia
  5. If you have more than one Dell 11 Chromebook in your household, try using another charger.

There are two types of chargers that are pictured below:

  1. Standard Charger has a cylinder tip
  2. USB-C Charger has a flat tip

Standard Charger

USB-C Charger

Tip: USB-C chargers for Android Phones will also charge your Chromebook. However, they might not provide enough power to charge and use your Chromebook at the same time.