You have the ability to work on files when you are offline. You will need access to Wi-Fi to save your files to the Chromebook. Watch the video for tips on how to save a file to your Chromebook so that you can access these files when not connected to Wi-Fi. You can scroll past the video for step-by-step instructions.

VideoSave A File to a Chromebook


Your Chromebook has limited space for storing files locally. When saving a file to the Chromebook and there is not enough room left, the Chromebook may automatically delete some of the downloaded files to create space to accommodate the newest file.

Save a File to You Chromebook

  1. While connected to Wi-Fi, go to your Google Drive, select the page, image or document you want to save
  2. Right click (two-finger click on the trackpad) on the file and select Download 
    • More information: How to use your Trackpad | Chrome Help
  3. If downloading a Google Doc, your file will be converted to a Word Doc
  4. A confirmation box appears in the bottom right of the screen when the file has finished downloading
  5. To access your files while offline click on the Launcher (circle in the bottom left corner) and click on Files
  6. A new window opens, click Downloads in the left column and you will find the file you have downloaded
  7. Changes made to the file while working offline will not automatically update the original file in your Google Drive. You will have to upload your edited file to your Google Drive once you are connected to Wi-Fi again

More information: Open, Save or Delete files | Chromebook Help