Accidents Happen. We get it. Liquid was spilled on the keyboard and now the keys are sticky or not working, a key was popped off accidentally, something got stuck in the headphone jack. Have a look at the solutions below to see if any of the tips can get you back up and using your Chromebook.

My Chromebook is freezing or frozen

  1. Reset your Chromebook
  2. Manage your Extensions
  3. Update your Chromebook

My Chromebook is slow

  1. Limit the number of tabs open in Google Chrome
  2. Manage your Extensions
  3. Update your Chromebook
  4. Remove all accounts from your Chromebook
  5. Clear Browser Data
  6. Reset your Chromebook Hardware

My trackpad stopped working or my mouse pointer keeps disappearing or is jumping around

  1. Troubleshoot your trackpad
  2. Remove extensions
  3. Clear browsing data
  4. Use an external mouse
  5. Update your Chromebook
  6. Reset your Chromebook hardware
  7. Additional support required

Keys are missing from my keyboard / Some of my keys or spacebar are not working

  1. Use an external keyboard
  2. Additional support required

I can’t use the “@” and other symbols

  1. Check keyboard layout

I can’t plug in my headphones to the headphone jack

  1. Do not attempt to remove debris from the headphone jack
  2. Use bluetooth headphones | Chromebook Help
  3. Additional support required

No sound is coming out of the speakers or headphones

  1. Are the speakers muted, or is the volume very low (volume may be controlled by the Chromebook or by the website being used (i.e. YouTube)).
  2. How do I connect a wired, wireless or Bluetooth headset?
  3. Is anything plugged into the headphone jack, or is there a bluetooth audio device connected?
  4. Additional support required

Adding a printer to your Chromebook

  1. Connect a USB printer to your Chromebook
  2. Connect a Wi-Fi or networked printer to your Chromebook

Please note that not all printers are compatible with Chromebooks. Visit your printer manufacturer’s website for information on compatibility with Chromebooks.