Software Issues

If you are having software issues with your Chromebook, then you have come to the right place.

Google Meet

This is a quick tips and tricks video to help resolve the most common issues reported to us with very simple solutions. You can watch the short video below or scroll past the video to see step-by-step instructions on how to resolve your Google Meet issues. If you did not find the suggested solution to resolve the issue, click on the link below the steps for additional information.

Video | Google Meet Overview

Step-by-step …

  • Update Chromebook – this is a good starting point for any Chromebook issue you may be experiencing. So, update your Chromebook and see if your Google Meet issues are resolved.🆙
  • Uncover camera – sounds obvious but ….. it’s happened to others. Make sure you remove any stickers or protective covers you have over your camera.📸
  • Turn on your camera – You can turn your camera on & off within Google Meet. Make sure you have it turned on if you want others to see you.📷
  • Unmute your microphone – yup, another common issue reported. You can also turn your mic on or off (Google Meet etiquette says to keep it off, or muted, if you are not speaking).🎙
  • Turn on your lights – if others are saying that they cannot see you or you appear very dark or you are a silhouette chances are your camera isn’t doing a good job capturing you. Turn on some lights in front of you to light yourself up (can you see me now 💡😊 )
  • Close tabs – you are trying to join a Google Meet but you are getting an error message that another program is using your camera. Make sure you have all other tabs and apps closed that are currently using your camera (especially tabs that use microphone and camera, like old Google Meetings).💻❌
  • Still having issues with Google Meet?  Check out the link under More Support for Google Meet

More Support for Google Meet

If the quick tips and tricks solutions did not resolve your Google Meet issue, click on the link below for additional suggestions on general, audio and video problems you are experiencing:

Google Meet – Problems and Suggested Solutions

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is Slow

  1. Limit the number of tabs open in Google Chrome
  2. Manage your Extensions
  3. Limit other Internet uses in your household, such as video streaming
  4. Update your Chromebook
  5. Remove all accounts from your Chromebook
  6. Clear Browser Data
  7. Reset your Chromebook Hardware
  8. Restart your Home Modem and Router

Google Search not Working

This troubleshooting might help if your searches are being redirected to Yahoo, Bing, or another search engine.

  1. Manage your extensions
  2. Reset your Browser Settings
  1. Manage your extensions
  2. Clear browsing data
  3. Additional steps: Block or Allow Pop-ups in Chrome | Chrome Help
  4. Restart your Chromebook

Chrome Extensions not loading

  1. Remove all accounts from the Chromebook
  2. Sign in again

Google Drive

PDFs or other files will not open

  1. Manage your extensions
  2. Retest opening the file. If the issue persists, continue to step 3.
  3. In Google Drive, select the gear icon
  4. Select Settings
  5. Select the Manage Apps tab
  6. Review the list for any Apps that you do not recognize.
  7. Select Options > Disconnect from Drive. Disconnect Adobe PDF if it’s present.

Adobe PDF not opening in Google Drive

Google Docs

Watch these two quick videos for troubleshooting software issues related to Google Docs. You can scroll past each video for additional step-by-step troubleshooting tips.

Video | Google is replacing the words I type

Words I Type are Replaced

  1. Open a Google Doc
  2. Go to Tools > Preferences > Substitutions and remove substitutions that you don’t want


Video | Google Docs Spellcheck is not working

Spell Check not Working

  1. Under Tools > Spelling and Grammar in Google Docs enable Show spelling suggestions
  2. Check language settings
  3. Manage extensions
  4. Clear browsing data


  1. Manage extensions (specifically turn off Gammarly)

Google Classroom

Add a Co-teacher

For Teachers, this is useful if you have a supply teacher or you are taking time off.

  1. Select the People tab
  2. Select the Plus icon
  3. Type the name or e-mail address of the Teacher
  4. Select Invite

Archive or delete a class

When you’re done teaching a class, you can archive it.

Learn how to archive or delete a class | Classroom Help

Minecraft for Education

Minecraft logo

Video | Minecraft Install and Pin

It is recommended that teachers/students try to use one Chromebook for Minecraft as their work is stored locally and will not be available on another Chromebook. If the user’s profile is deleted from the Chromebook, the app itself and data associated with it will be deleted as well.
ITS is not able to provide support for any of the Android applications available. Android apps are updated frequently by vendors and sometimes there are issues or changes with certain updates. ITS does not have any control over these updates or the functionality of the app.

Dell Chromebook Model 3120 is not compatible with Google Play store. This means Minecraft will not work. Learn how to check your Chromebook model.


  1. Open the Google Play Store app
  2. Search for the Minecraft app
  3. Click Install in the top right corner
  4. The app will start to download, when download is complete click the Open button

Find and Pin the Minecraft app

  1. Click on the bottom left launcher icon 
  2. In the search bar type Minecraft
  3. Select the Minecraft app to open
  4. Lightly tap two fingers on the Minecraft App in the shelf
  5. Select Pin to Shelf


  1. Check that the Google Play Store is turned on
  2. Check your Chromebook model
  3. Make sure you are signed into your WRDSB Account and not a personal Google Account
  4. If the mouse cursor disappears, press the multitask button (square with two lines on the right) on the top row of the Chromebook, and then reenter Minecraft. The cursor should reappear.
  5. Try removing other accounts on your Chromebook to free up space
  6. Try freeing up space on your Chromebook | Chromebook Help