I hear an echo or feedback

Here is a quick video on how to stop echo or feedback issues. The video also explains how to use a headset. You will find step-by-step instructions below the video.

VideoFeedback, Echo, and Headsets


  1. Using a separate or mismatched microphone and speakers may cause an echo (i.e headset to speak and Chromebook speakers to listen).
  2. If you are using external speakers (i.e. Bluetooth speaker), place it behind your device to minimize feedback.
  3. If you have two of the same Google Meet sessions going at once (i.e. presenting in the second Google Meet or someone else nearby in the same Meet) make sure one of them is muted to minimize echo or use a headset.
Note: A headset allows you to both hear and speak. Many headphones now come with hidden built-in microphones. You might have problems when you try to use a microphone located on your headset and using your Chromebook speakers to listen. Try to only use your headset or only use your built-in microphone and speakers.