Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Device Security Warnings.

My Device gives me security warnings about the IntelliGO App! What does this mean?

  • Your device is warning you that Administrator access is required to install the IntelliGO App and install the certificates.
  • It is also notifying you that you will install and trust the root certificate called ‘WRDSB-IntelliGO’.

Why does the IntelliGO App require administrator privileges?

  • In order to install and configure the certificates and configure auto-login to the network, the App needs administrator privileges.
  • If you are not comfortable with this, connect and use the WRDSB Signup network instead.

Does the WRDSB collect personal data and/or list the Apps on my phone?

  • No. The policy of WRDSB is to use the IntelliGO App for provisioning the user and root certificates only.
  • The WRDSB does NOT collect any personal data from BYOD devices.

Can the WRDSB track my Internet usage?

  • Yes. As we have on all of our networks for many years, the WRDSB logs website usage for users.
  • We only log connections. We do not (and cannot) capture any data, personal or otherwise.

Can the WRDSB manage my phone and/or its Apps?

  • No. The WRDSB is not using any features of Mobile Device Management (MDM) for BYOD users/devices.
  • Your phone is warning you of the capability and the IntelliGO App’s requirements for installation.

Can the WRDSB wipe my device, lock or track location of my device?

  • No. The WRDSB is only using the IntelliGO product for certificate-based authentication through the 802.1x protocol.
  • We cannot wipe, lock or track location of user’s devices.

Can the WRDSB change its policy and collect information or manage my device at a later date?

  • No. The IntelliGO App policy is applied at installation. It cannot be changed after installation.
  • Our configuration provides network authentication only.
  • All other MDM features are disabled by WRDSB Security administrators.
  • We are concerned with authorized user authentication to our networks and providing appropriate access to Internet resources.

I still don’t believe you! What should I do?

  • That’s OK. Just use the WRDSB Signup network and login manually if you do not want to trust the App on your personal devices.
  • Or, you can totally opt out and not use our networks at any time.

Can I remove the IntelliGO App and certificate at any time?

  • Of course, just refer to the instructions for each device in the main menu bar.

Which SSID is the most secure?

  • WRDSB Secure – fully encrypted end to end.

Responsible Use Procedure – RUP

  • By using any of WRDSB’s networks, users agree to follow the WRDSB’s Responsible Use Procedure (RUP).
  • Click the link above to review the RUP.