To use the WRDSB Secure network, you must first connect to the WRDSB Wireless network and use to register your device.

For all Apple devices, please use Safari for enrollment/installation.


New or recently restored WRDSB Chromebooks cannot connect to WRDSB Secure at this time. Please see the post in News for more information.


My school Chromebook won’t connect to WRDSB Secure
  1. Please see the post from July 7, 2022 about access to WRDSB Secure on Chromebooks
What is WRDSB Secure?
  • This is the SSID for registered users and devices with a certificate.
  • Login is automatic once the certificate is installed on your device.
  • You cannot log in manually to this network, it is certificate based only.
  • This is the SSID recommended for everyday use.


My School Chromebook won’t connect to WRDSB Staff and Students
  1. Connect to WRDSB Wireless
  2. Sign out and remove your user account
  3. Reboot Chromebook
  4. Add user, and sign in again

Wait 30-60 seconds, Wi-Fi will connect to WRDSB Staff and Students automatically

My School iPad won’t connect to WRDSB Staff and Students
  1. Connect to the WRDSB Wireless wifi network
  2. Open the Hub app on the iPad
    • If prompted, select the following
      • Allow notifications
      • Allow While Using App for location
      • Select I Understand on the Privacy screen
      • Select I Agree on the App Experience screen
  3. In the Hub app, Select This Device, then Sync Device
  4. Open Settings, and try connecting to the WRDSB Staff and Students wifi again


  • I cannot connect to Wifi, or I keep getting disconnected
    • Toggle the wifi on your device off, then on again. If you move locations and the issues return, trying turning it off and on again
      • Sometimes, a device will stay connected to an Access Point far away when you move while connected. Turning wifi off then on again can solve this problem.
  • I get an error that the certificate required by WRDSB Secure is not installed or is no longer valid
    • Follow the instructions to update your Chromebook and restore the factory settings
  • My Device prompts me for a username/password when I try to connect to the WRDSB Secure network.
    • For WRDSB Chromebooks, follow the instructions to update your Chromebook and restore the factory settings
    • You must register a device to install the certificates on your device.
    • You cannot use username/password on this network.
  • The Register My Device page disappears before I can click the link.
  • The IntelliGO download fails and sends me back to the IntelliGO login page.
    • Check that the account set up for Google Play Store is NOT a account. Use a personal Gmail account for the Play Store.
    • Check that your device date & time is correct. If your device is not within 15 minutes of the correct time, the package download will fail.
    • Try using another browser. For best results use Safari on MacOSX as default.
    • Use the register a device link to register your device in another browser.
    • Use the WRDSB Signup network instead.

Removal Instructions

  • To remove the certificates and IntelliGO App from your device, go to the respective device installation page and refer to the removal instructions at the bottom of the page.