Frequently asked questions regarding WRDSB’s WiFi networks

Why 3 SSIDs?

  • WRDSB Signup is used for registration of devices, guest access & unsupported devices.
  • WRDSB Secure is fully encrypted and used for all staff, students and shared devices that have registered their devices and installed certificates.
  • WRDSB Wireless is our legacy network that will be mainly used for provisioning devices and very basic Internet activity. It will remain open, but limited in resources.

What is BYOD?

  • Bring Your Own Device.

What is a WRDSB assigned device?

  • A school or department assigns a staff member a device for exclusive use. It is not shared with other staff or students.
  • It is recommended that the staff member registers for a certificate for the device using their PAL.

What is a WRDSB Shared device?

  • An iPad, Chromebook or Netbook purchased by the WRDSB that is used by many students and not assigned to an individual.
  • These devices will be configured and managed by IT Services staff to use WRDSB Secure automatically.

What about WRDSB shared devices such as iPads and Chromebooks?

  • These will be configured by IT Services staff. You should not have to register them unless they are only used by one person.
  • It is recommended that Secondary School ‘One to One’ users download their personal certificate to their Chromebook.

Why Do I have to register?

  • In order to download and install a certificate for your device. This also allows your traffic to be fully end to end encrypted and better secured!
  • Registering and installing a certificate makes login automatic, just like the WRDSB Wireless open network!
  • But, you don’t have to, you can connect to WRDSB Signup and login manually every day if you prefer.

What is WRDSB Signup?

  • This is the SSID used for registering devices, also can be used for manual login, guest access and any older unsupported devices such as pre-Android BlackBerrys.

What is WRDSB Secure?

  • This is the SSID for registered users and devices with a certificate.
  • Login is automatic once the certificate is installed on your device.
  • You cannot log in manually to this network, it is certificate-based only.
  • This is the SSID recommended for everyday use.

I have multiple devices? Can I only use one?

  • You can register multiple devices! They will utilize a copy of the same certificate.

What happens with the certificate when my PAL password changes?

  • Nothing! Your certificate never needs to be changed once installed.
  • It can be removed and re-installed but doesn’t require any changes once installed.
  • The certificate is not tied to your password. Your PAL password is only used when registering your device or for WRDSB Signup.

My Device gives me security warnings about the IntelliGO App! What does this mean?

  • Your device is warning you that Administrator access is required to install the IntelliGO App and install the certificate.
  • It is also notifying you that you will trust the root certificate called ‘WRDSB-IntelliGO’.

Why does the IntelliGO App require administrator privileges?

  • In order to install and configure the certificates and configure auto-login to the network, the App needs administrator privileges.

Does the WRDSB collect personal data and list Apps on my phone?

  • No, the policy of WRDSB is to use the IntelliGO App for provisioning the user certificate only.
  • The WRDSB does NOT collect any personal data from BYOD devices.

Can the WRDSB manage my phone and/or its Apps?

  • No, the WRDSB is not using any features of Mobile Device Management (MDM).
  • Your phone is warning you of the capability and the IntelliGO App requirements for installation.

Can the WRDSB change its policy and collect information or manage my device at a later date?

  • No, the IntelliGO App policy is applied at installation. It cannot be changed after installation. Our configuration provides network authentication only.
  • All other MDM features are not installed.
  • We are concerned with user authentication to our network, not managing your devices or accessing your personal data.

I still don’t believe you! What should I do?

  • That’s OK, just use WRDSB Signup and log in manually if you do not want to trust the app on your personal devices.

Can I remove the IntelliGO App and certificate at any time?

  • Of course, just refer to the removal instructions for each device type in the top menu bar.