Frequently Asked Questions

Does my iPad have data?

The Cellular iPads have a white strip at the top have data plans.

Rear Camera

How do I turn on my data?

What can I use my iPad for?

  • Only use the iPad to support distance learning.

Can I connect other devices to my iPad?

How much Data is being used?

How can I make the most of my data?

  • Only use the iPad for distance learning
  • Avoid watching, downloading, and uploading photos and video, unless asked to by your teacher
  • Avoid adding new apps to the iPad
  • Do not use Siri, unless it is needed for accessibility

Using the LTE iPad as a hotspot

You can connect wi-fi enable devices to the LTE iPad using a personal hotspot. Please note that the wi-fi uses the data from the LTE iPad when using a hotspot.