Bluetooth headphones won’t work

You should see the following icon when your iPad is paired with your bluetooth headphones.

Bluetooth icon

Bluetooth icon

  1. Connect bluetooth headphones
  2. Additional support required

Wired headphones won’t work

Do not attempt to remove items stuck inside the iPad’s headphone jack. Instead, contact your teacher or the school.
  1. Try a different pair of wired headphones
  2. Look inside the headphone jack to see if anything is stuck inside
  3. Connect bluetooth headphones
  4. Additional support required



Won’t charge

You should see the following icon when your iPad is charging.

Charging Icon

Charging Icon

  1. If your device won’t charge | Apple Support Site
  2. If your device charges slowly or won’t charge  | Apple Support Site
  3. If an alert says that your accessory isn’t supported or certified | Apple Support Site
  4. Additional support required

Won’t turn off or frozen

  1. If your device will not turn on or is frozen | Apple Support Site
  2. Additional support required


Disabled or Locked

If your iPad is locked because there is a password, you will see the lock icon.

Locked Icon

Lock Icon