Special Education (light blue screen) iPads have the App Store Disabled

Third-party applications and websites might share your personal information. If you have concerns about using an Application, please speak with the classroom teacher. More information.

Adding Apps to the iPad

You can add Apps to the iPad for various reasons. Apps can support classroom learning and simplify some tasks.

There are two ways to add apps to a WRDSB iPad, but we recommend only using the WRDSBAppCatalog because all the applications are approved for educational use.

  1. WRDSBAppCatalog
  2. App Store
WRDSBAppsCatalog icon

WRDSBAppsCatalog icon

Apple ID

To use the App Store, you will need an Apple ID. Instead, we recommend you use the WRDSBAppCatalog.

Only apps that are required to support your learning should be installed on the iPad. Ensure that your information is not shared with third party vendors (i.e. any agreement that would identify the user through name or school account).

App Problems

App is not working

Sometimes an app might stop working because it is frozen, not responding, or there is some other problem.

  1. Force quit an app
  2. If your device will not turn off or is frozen | Apple Support Site
  3. Additional support required

iPads and App Organization

The WRDSB uses different backgrounds to identify iPads intended for different purposes. The different colour indicates different limitations and applications.

Secondary CATC Dark Green

Secondary CATC iPads are Dark Green

One to One iPad Green

One to One iPads are Green

Elementary CATC iPads Blue

Elementary CATC iPads are Blue

Special Education iPads Light Blue

Special Education iPads are Light Blue

Site Purchased iPads Yellow

Site Purchased iPads are Yellow