Your teacher is the expert on the applications within WVD. This page offers some unique tips for using applications within WVD. This page contains these helpful instructions:

Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro Laggy Video Tip

First, and most important, do not use the Google Drive App to edit your files. Instead, make sure the files are in My Documents or the Desktop.

Ask your teacher about rendering your video to improve playback.

Adobe CC Memory Performance Tip

Some Adobe products have the ability to change how much RAM is being used by an application. You can change this allocation to see if it improves performance.

  1. Select the Edit menu
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Select Memory
  4. Try decreasing the RAM reserved for other applications

AutoCAD ESC Closes WVD Fullscreen Tip

Issue: The ESC key will exit full-screen mode of WVD rather than act as the Cancel function that is standard on computers using AutoCAD. This is very annoying. You can create your own custom Cancel short cut key to fix this issue:

  1. Open AutoCAD and open your project
  2. Type CUI and hit Enter on your keyboard
  3. Expand the Keyboard Shortcuts menu
  4. Expand the Shortcut Keys menu
  5. Right-click on the top item, and select Duplicate
  6. In the Properties window, type New Cancel in the Name field
  7. Delete the text in Description, Extended Help File
  8. Type Cancel in the Command Display Name field
  9. Type ^C^C_end;^C^C in the Macro field
  10. Select the three little dots button in the Key(s) field
  11. Select the key you would like to use for Cancel. We tested it with SHIFT+E.
  12. Select Apply
  13. Your new shortcut should work like the ESC key, but without closing the full-screen mode of WVD.


Hotkey Tip

If hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts are not working, this page explains how to turn on keyboard shortcuts within WVD.