This page gives you the big picture view of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).

WVD Overview

What is WVD?

Windows Virtual desktop (WVD) gives you the ability to access a Windows 10 computer in the cloud from a web browser on any device.

When you connect to WVD with your host device (i.e. Chromebook, laptop, PC, MacBook, Tablet), you are using that host device as a portal. A portal lets you use your screen, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals attached to your host device but uses the software and processors that are located on the servers running WVD.

By using your school account on the WVD login page, you can sign in on any device, in any location (with internet access) and connect to WVD (Figure 1). Once that connection has been made your course-specific software within WVD will be available for you to access.

Figure 1: Steps to connecting to WVD

Who has Access to WVD?

Students enrolled in courses that require software specifically on WVD will have access granted to them. Your course teacher will instruct you on how to log in and access WVD.

Why does my friend have different apps than me?

WVD is currently setup with three different environments: Graphics, Office365, and Standard. The applications within each environment are different to support different courses.

  1. Graphics: Adobe CC and AutoDesk to support Arts and Tech courses
  2. Office 365: Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) to support Business courses
  3. Standard: Free or WRDSB-licensed applications found on Windows 10 to support identified courses

WVD All Resources Panel

Reporting Issues

We know there are some hiccups. We know there may be some issues. We appreciate and value your input as we take on this new venture. If you experience any issues with WVD, please report this to us so that we can take the appropriate steps to identify and resolve the issues.

Students: Please report problems to your Teacher

Teachers: Please report problems to the ITService Desk

Note: The How Helpful is This? feedback form on this website is periodically reviewed to improve support resources and should not be used to report problems with Windows Virtual Desktop.

Time Limits

Hours of Access

There is a set time for being able to access WVD. You will be able to access WVD between the hours of 7:00AM and 11:00PM (ET).

Inactivity Timeout

Please be aware that if your WVD session inactivity exceeds 10 minutes, you will be signed out automatically. You may lose any unsaved work. Talk to your teacher to see if auto-save is a feature available with the software you are using.

Tip: Make sure you are saving your work any time you step away from your WVD session.